How to make online purchases using coupon codes

During the 19th and 20th century, consumers clipped paper coupons out of newspapers and promotional magazines. Back then, the coupons were physically presented at stores for discounts or deals. Come the 21st century, the whole process has changed, and the paper coupons have been replaced with coupon codes which can be easily redeemed online. Although the process is generally different, the discounts and savings have not changed. That said, here is a simple process of how you can make an online purchase using coupon codes.

Get a coupon code for the vendor and item you plan to purchase

Just like physical coupons, thousands of online deals exist. Some of the most common examples include a set amount off the regular price, i.e. buy 1 and get one free or attractive discounts given when you buy a set value of the merchandise.

The best place to find coupon codes is the Internet. Simply type ‘coupon code’, or ‘promotional code’, in the search bar along with a brief description of the e-commerce retailer or company you want to buy from and the item you want to buy. If you do not want to go through the long search process, visit sites like Retailmenot, and and see offers made by different companies.

Visit the shopping website where you want to make purchases

Go through the purchasing process as you normally do, i.e. identify different items, add them to your shopping cart and continue with the checkout option. Basically, this part of the process should be identical to shopping without a coupon code.

Proceed to the checkout process and insert your coupon code as directed

After picking different items, proceed to the checkout process and confirm that have picked every item on your shopping list. As you checkout, insert your coupon code as directed. Some sites normally have a separate page for such a process while others normally have the coupon insertion and verification part on the same page. Whichever option you come across, use it to insert and verify your coupon code.

Confirm that your coupon code was redeemed and reflected in your total price

Spend time going through the total cost and confirm that you got a discount as expected. If not, navigate back through the checkout process and try again. At times, e-commerce retailers fail to verify coupons immediately. If this is the case, spend some good amount of time calling them and ask them to redeem your coupons directly before you finalise the purchase process.


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